Contact Information Of KMP's Authorized

Pursuant to Regulation 30(5) of the aforesaid Regulation, the Board has adopted the policy on determining of materiality of event or information and authorized the following Key Managerial Personnel severally for the purpose mentioned below: For determining materiality of an event or information:

Sr. No.

Name of the KMP


Contact details


Mr. Yogesh Lama

Whole Time Director

+91-82320 09012


Mr. Satya Pal Dhama

Chief Financial Officer

+91-82320 09012


Mrs. KapilaTanwar

Company Secretary cum Compliance Officer


Single point of contact of the above said KMP’s is as under:

Golden Crest Education & Services Limited
Registered Office:
62A, Dr. Meghnad Shah Sarani, Room No. 2,
2nd Floor, Southern Avenue, 
Kolkata - 700 029, West Bengal